UNBOXING DOC Skimmer Tunze 9001 (for English readers)

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Tunze decided to retire the venerable DOC Skimmer 9002 which have permitted a large number of tank to be setup. It’s not a big surprise when the new 9004 came out last year, it was almost obvious that the family would be retouched in depth with DOC Skimmer design.

It should be noted that DOC Skimmer 9001 is the same depth as the new 3162 filters so the combo of the two is possible in your tank (even same depth design + = compact and integrated look).

We’ll start this unboxing of the new packaging of the DOC Skimmer 9001 Redesigned the next « vintage » of the old package is a much more modern with color box:

New design, New Product, New box!

The little detail on the packaging, the logo for the 50th anniversary of the first Tunze’s skimmer:


Typically after opening the box, we find the 9001 Tunze well packed with doc first and good control, then we can find the product and its accessories:

After opening the box this is what you expect … a Tunze 9001 and its accessories!

Here at my tank, front view and profile optimum configuration (with surface suction) before disassembly to show you the guts of the beast!


Back to the out of the box: here surrounded by his protective film to keep all in one block:


The classic « Magnet Holder » is part of the small and homecoming, the water side is resinated:

Resin on the magnet holder side of the water tank.

It’s time to get serious and look into the heart of this skimmer, ie the pump. What we can already see is its size (small) and low power consumption of 2.5W. This is at a time of rising energy costs an advantage for us aquarists.

Truce gossip, pictures up this little gem.

Rotor’s view

The following photos show you in more detail the process for the transition from « classic » mode to « surface suction » via the supplied tube method:


This takes 5 minutes by my watch and can adapt / configure your skimmer as appropriate for your biotope.

The next two photos show the upper part in the bucket with the heart of the body of the skimmer:


Finally we conclude by the collecting cup:


Conclusion of this unboxing

Tunze gives us back to a measure of our needs for our nano and pico tanks a brand new DOC Skimmer. It is built in sturdy plastic materials and packaging contains everything you need to configure and maintain it in good condition (the brush is always here

In the near future, in another article I’ll do a first test of this new skimmer and we will look in more details for short implementation and adjustment but also details such as the foam quality and volume output on a tank of 100 liters sps / ops / soft moderately charged.

The benchmark for the fun will be his big brother DOC Skimmer 9004 and why not show the card for his 9002 family photo and a skimmer working in team!

This product will be available soon at almost all the Tunze brand advisor for a reference price of 98.90 Euros.


Manufactured informations: Tunze

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