Tunze DOC Skimmer 9001 in action, the result (for English readers)

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Before operating, it is imperative to insert small silicone pads included in the kit of the skimmer on the magnet holder. This reduces the vibrations of the equipment and helps to maintain the skimmer against the tank.

The two magnets with the board pads and silicone bonding thereof on the dedicated slots.

Start-up is quick and easy simply put it in the tank and it’s held in place by the enclosed magnet holders.

Here are some pictures of the skimmer in-tank.

Front and side.
View profile and back. The latter allows us to see on the left the suction surface cane and water line on the back of the skimmer level.

In close-up; the optimum water level, the top of the Tunze logo serves as a benchmark.

View near the optimum water level.

It is time to turn on the skimmer and verify the ambient noise in the room near the tank and the noise produced by the skimmer. We use an integrated Smartphone meter. This is far from a « pro » solution but it gives some indication.

On the left near the tank, right noise measurement with the skimmer based + 3dB nothing really bad noise.

The skimmer is relatively quiet while operating in a living room. We do not particularly hear noise from the tank, indicating a low noise level.

Now the skimmer is up and running here is a view of the bottom of the cup with skimmate slowly rising.

Movement of water in the pump compartment and close view of the bucket with the formation of foam.

Note that the transparent compartment can be used as pre-filter by adding filter floss. It also reduces or removes the micro-bubbles.

First foam.

After a few minutes in operation, skimmate slowly begins to form. Adjusting air intake is made easy by using the screw. Advice; take time to adjust quarter by quarter turns at the air intake screw this can really play on the foam consistency output (more or less dry).

The foam is of good consistency, small adjustments allows us to fine tune the foam production.

I’ve used this skimmer since July 2, 2014 and played with the settings to pull out a very liquid skimmate (this skimmer allows this mode of operation). The use of the recirculating mode allows for the aquarist who does not want bubbles in the aquarium. The break-in period lasts about a month. After this, the production of skimmate is very stable and constant (in, so much as needed corresponding to your organic bioload in the tank). It’s also possible to produce a thicker skimmate as it ultimatly depends on what you want for your tank. The following two photos shows the result of a week of « light » skimming with pre-filtration (use of filter floss).

Accomplished little personal challenge: a clear foam!

The maintenance was very simple (quick release), cleaning is made easy with the brush supplied. Once a year you will need to do a full maintenance via soaking in vinagar.

In conclusion, I would say that this little skimmer is ideal your nanos and pico reef tanks. It’s plug ‘n play and easily adjustable to every situation that you may encounter in your reef tank, and affordable , it can be found between 80 and 100 Euros in dealers. What more can you ask for?

This Tunze DOC Skimmer 9001 will become in the near future a reference for nano and pic reef tanks. It is with pleasure that I award the Récifal News seal of Tested and Approved.


Product manufacturer: Tunze Doc Skimmer 9001

(read & fixes: Bubu1er & B92)

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