Unboxing of Orphek’s Azurelite a new flashlight dedicated to the reef hobbyist

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Orphek is best known as a led lighting company for aquariums and is distributed in France for some time now. We are very fortunate to be able to get a hold of this item which is an interesting concept and will present it to you.

It’s said that the packaging doesn’t make the product only helps to sell it and protect it. But in this case both the light and the packaging are just superb. The packaging in itself is simple, sober, letting us appreciate the company logo and enticing us to look further.






The packaging is simple, both beautiful, simple, efficient, no complaints.







We’ll start unpacking the product itself, we remove first the outer package, this transaction allows us to see appear on the brand logo.






Orphek’s logo.



As we remove the cover we are able to get a view of its contents, the flashlight and the instructions.





The flashlight exterior is made from anodized aluminum, grey-white in color. Its design is simple; not surprising it’s a flashlight after all.






The Orphek’s Azurelite.



Let us now take a closer look at the light. Situated at the back end of the flash light is a button that enables us to turn the light on and off and toggle the light intensity from low, high and stroboscopic. The flashlight is equipped with a 5w blue led and is battery powered, standard batteries or rechargeable.










Shown left the back end of the flashlight, right the front with the lens and the blue 5w diode.









Left a close view of the front with the lens and the blue LED 5W, behind the cover of the battery compartment.



Removing the battery housing cover is quite simple. The flashlight is powered by three AAA standard batteries or rechargeable ones, whatever suits your needs.







Shown left the battery housing cover, right the battery holder.



As we turn on the light we can observe that the 5 w blue led is really quite powerful and it is to be noted that eye exposure could be quite damaging.






Rendering blue LED 5W of Azurelite.



We’ve taken the time to measure the light intensity with an APOGEE meter (quantum meter MQ200) and found a reading of 367 umol/m²/s at 30cm from the sensor out of water.






invoice proving the origin



Quantum meters measure the amount of energy in light wavelengths between 400-700nm. The meter measures in micromol per square meter per second. Full sunlight intensity is generally measured at 2000 umol/m²/s. It is to be noted that PAR and PPFD measurements (umol/m²/s or uE/m²/s are still somewhat of outlaw units not recognized SI units.






The Azurelite gets a benchmark on the Apogee.



Now that we’ve gone through the product review, one question remains to be answered, why and for whom?

The answer is quite simple, to be able to look and track down critter in your tank when the lights are off in you display tank or refuge. We can also use the flashlight when shopping for corals in stores where lighting isn’t always perfect or even target feed certain type or corals. We can also use the strobe lighting when out at sea coral hunting for extra security measures.

Three operating modes:

  • Low power mode for target feeding photosynthetic corals,
  • High power mode for tracking in the tank or refuge,
  • Strobe mode : when out at sea coral hunting for extra security measures.


Of course we’ll go into more details on these uses in the next article.


  • High Luminance
  • Powerful Focusing Beam
  • Orphek Signature Convex Optic
  • 5 Watt Lifetime LED
  • 3 Functional Modes


Type: Rechargeable Flashlight

  • Voltage: 4.5V
  • Light Source: 5W LED
  • LED Type: Blue
  • Length: 5.75”/ 146.05mm
  • Diameter: 1.375”/ 34.925mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Surface Treatment: Anodic oxidation
  • Body Color: White/White ring



  • Alkaline AAA batteries
  • Lithium AAA batteries
  • NiMh rechargeable AAA batteries


Azurelite can be found on the ORPHEK website or through resellers of the brand here in France. It resells for around 49.00 euros.

Link: Fiche produit.

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