Unboxing of the Tunze Doc Skimmer 9012

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Year 2014 is rich in novelties at Tunze. After 9001, here comes the 9012, which will replace the 9011. Let’s go back a bit more detail on the genesis of this lineage.
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The history of DOC Skimmers began in 1992, the pressure for a more compact unit with the advent of HQI by demands it was important to maximize lighting and lose as little space as possible in the tank. TUNZE released the 3130 then the 3130/2, remember that the typical Tunze skimmer at the time was horizontal with a rotation chamber. Small detail the historic 3130 was assembled with PVC ventilation ducts but already had more modern architecture models.

On the left a classic horizontal skimmer on the right the 3130 which lays the foundation for future Comline Doc Skimmers.

The molds were designed for the new series that will be called Comline, parts made by hand have been replaced by the injected plastic parts, the device has become more professional, the 3130/2 became the 3130/3. All these skimmers operated in recirculation with preservation of plankton in the tank, they were less successful in terms of dark foam that current models in open circuit. The 3130/3 receives an open circuit in 1996 and became the 9010. In 2008, TUNZE introduced a new pump, the E-jet, in order to replace the old Powerhead (was first out in 1988)the 9010 became the 9011 the last of that range.

9400.040 Hydrofoamer venturi in 2006. Photo at right = 9010/9011.

With his experience, Tunze wanted to design a high-performance successor, compact, energy efficient, and since 2010 working on what would become the 9012.

This skimmer is designed for use in mixed marine aquariums / soft corals from 200 to 1200 liters for reef biotopes hard corals up to 500 liters. It is based on the principle of « TUNZE Flash Skimming » that is to say a quick extraction of proteins without contact time.

The 9012 combines the suction of water from the surface naturally rich in protein substances and a generation of fine air bubbles from the Dispergator.

This winning combination provides high skimming rate capacity, The TUNZE Foamer pump is based on a new principle of air generation with an open Dispergator without pump body and without hydraulic losses, allowing high air flow with a very low energy consumption. During its operation, the Foamer remains particularly quiet.

The integrated silicone mounts prevent the transmission of vibrations to the aquarium glass.

The Comline DOC Skimmer 9012 comes ready to use with Magnet Holder up to 15mm glass thickness. 13W consumption, volume of 0.7L bucket, an airflow of approx. 400l / h, with magnet holder dimensions: L 140 x W 110 x H 415mm, immersion depth approx. 255mm to 285mm.

Principle of the 9012.

After the tour of its technical characteristics and mode of operation, it is time to go around with images of this new Tunze Comline DOC Skimmer 9012.

The box containing 9012.

Open the package to find out what is in our box, first we discover Quality certificate and documentation and a holder magnets security documentation. We discover the skimmer surrounded by a protective plastic film that can securely hold the bucket on the body of the skimmer.

Documentations and well packed skimmer.

Here are all the contents on the table, the skimmer, the holders magnets, the silent blocks, cleaning brush and documentations.

The contained in the box.

A view of the glass side of the magnets holders and skimmer side with the pads in position for attachment.

View heads and tails magnet holder and the two magnets with silent blocks ready for fitting against the body of the skimmer.
Close view of the magnet holder, as for 9001 it is the return of the resin on the magnet holder.

The 9012 Bucket has the same design from the 9004 but bigger, it has a capacity of 0.7 l.

Top view (with theTunze logo on the top) and showing the surface side suction and the chimney.
View of the interior of the hood.


Interior view of the bucket and the side.

We can now focus on the body of the skimmer, but above all a stroll outside of it to discover the new 9012.

Front view of two angles it has a lot of similarity in design with 9004.
Back view and zoom on water level and attachment area for Osmolator.
View from below and from above, again a lot of similarity with the 9004.
View of the silencer system for the air intake with the adjusting screw.

We can now take a look at the heart of the system, i.e. the inner skimmer and pump. The inside of the skimmer consists of 5 parts: a tall plate or puts the power cable and the air intake, a front shell rear plate to maintain the pump and serves as a circulation area and a low grid for the outflow of water. Discover all this in pictures.

View of the two halves of the shell 9012.
Detail view of the front half and the back half.

We end this unboxing with the skimmer pump, the Comline Foamer 9012.04 that indicated with a 11w max of consumption and with 400l/h of air production, it also highlights the open Dispergator, discover all this with some pictures.

View of the open Dispergator.
Overlooking the water suction part and air intake.
View the marking of the pumpand the assembly in place in the skimmer.
The 9012 is assembled and is ready for the big bath.

Conclusion of this unboxing

Modern design, easier to maintain than the 9011, consumption nearly halved, the 9012 replaces the 9011 without any problems fitting in perfectly with the new Comline look, Tunze be re-invented in 2014 with the new 9012.

In a future article I will show you a first test of this new skimmer and we will look into more details, the initiation and adjustment but also things like the foam quality and volume output on a 250 liters tank sps / lps / soft / fish moderately charged.

This product will be soon available at all Tunze’s dealers with a suggested retail price of 257.20 euros.

Manufacturer information : Tunze

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