Unboxing Tunze Care Magnet : Nano & Long

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1. Unboxing

(side note: if you want this story in French just follow this link)

The unpacking an aquarist equipment is always a little aventure, particularly when it is a Tunze product. Here are some photos taken allong the unpackaging.

The Germany flag, always visible on Tunze packagings
There is not doubt that there are magnets, so don’t approach them with your credit card!
Le packaging is compact, the care magnet is well fixed

6photomodeemploi.JPGThere are two instruction manual per box (6 languages in total).

Instruction are clear and detailed, which is very appreciables, even in a product in appearance so simple

2. Principle

Glass cleainig is a basis of the aquarium care, that we have to do once or several time per week if we want the tank stay pleasant at look. This action seems easy, as much as emptying the protein skimer bucket’s, but no :

If you do not trust magnets, you’ll find yourself on a top of a step lader, the arm in the tank up to the shoulder, which can be the oportunity to meet the fireworms and to make more frag than expected.
If you choose ot use a magnet, sooner or later, a gravel would slip in between the two parts and scratch the glass in incredibly efficient way. If the gravel is long in coming, the wear will destroy the coating in charge of the cleaning, that will permit to the magnet to scratch the glass ( even better than just with a gravel) and you only have throw away the entire magnet.
Tunze have developped the care magnet, in order to clean the glass from the outside (like with any magnet), but without the risk of scratch thanks to a special design.

4photoplaque.JPGOn the left the Nano care magnet, on the right the Long care magnet.

Thanks to the two baldes, the submerged part is in the contact with the glass only with the blades, specially developped ti clean the glass of aquariums. This shape permit that nothing to be stuck between the submered part and the glass because :
– the space between the body of the the submerged part and the glass is to wide : >3.5mm
the blades are strongly maintained on the glass, as the entire strengh of the magnet are on it, so nothing can go between the blades and the glass

7photoespace.JPGThe gap between the body and the submerged part avoid that any gravel or else be suck at this place

The two parts of the two magnets. The space is proportional to the strength of the magnets.

Due to their action, and as any coating of a cleaning magnet, the blades wears. But, contrary to any other cleaning magnet, this blade are replaceable, that permit to always have the maximum efficiency .

The submerged part of the Long Care magnet with its two sets of blades

The facts that the blades are replaceable permits to change them and to adapt as needed. Indeed, the version « long » can be use with wide blades, made in a more rigid plastic. With two kind of blades, you can face to every situations. These wide blade are also able to receive other blades in stainless steel , in case of difficulties.

The metal blade can be fixed in the wide one thanks to the blue clip

Of course, the extern part is also equiped to avoid to scratch, by it’s sliders with good thick felt

3. Other Advantages

Accordind to the instruction manual, this specific construction of the care magnet bring other avantages

the compacted roll
The waste removed by the care magnet are not transformed into juice as usual but agglomarated in littles pieces that would be enjoyed by the inhabitants of your tank. Due to their composition and their freshness, these particles are likely to have a very interesting nutrient profile, the recycle of this dirt can be a real gain for their animals

figure from the instruction manual that show the wastes rolled and compacted, ready for consumption!

Cleaning under sand
while flipping throug the manual instruction, a picture took my attention:

Despite of the quality of the original picture from the manual, we can undertstand that the care magnet is use to clean the part of the glass under the sand surface.

The manuel explains that grain of sand below 3mm can’t be stuck in the care magnet, so they can’t scratch the glass
Corners area
Every aquarist who have already use cleaning magnet knows that passing the corners can be as much difficult as the cleaning near to the sand, but according to the manual, it is not true anymore.
The shape of the blade have been studied to protect the tank seal’s and to permit to pass to a face to another easilty. If you have a tank with round corners, the cleaning would still be possible, by using the front face of the blade.

Figure from the manual showing how the Care Magnet can clean the corner very closely

Use as rubber squeegee
If you need a rubber squeegee, remove one of the blade (the little one the Long Care Magnet) and you will obtain a rubber squeegee, maybe a bit heavy.

Here is the Long Care Magnet transformed in rubber squeegee, ready to clean the partition of the technical tank or the back face of your tank for example

Dropping out impossible.
The force of the magnet and the narrowness of the contact area make the dropping out barrely impossible. I would enven said that we have to be careful, indeed due to the strengh you need to separate the both part , it is easy to make a huge move when the resitance breaks!

4. Physical caractéristics:

Nano Care Magnet

  • For tank from 6 to 10mm
  • wide 45mm, length 78mm
  • provided with one extra plastic blade

Long Care Magnet

  • For tank from 10 to 15 mm
  • Wide 86 mm, length 140 mm
  • provided with two extra plastic blades and one stainless stell blade

Another version of the Long Care Magnet is the Strong Care Magnet, for tank from 15 to 20 mm.

5. Price

Here are the price from Tunze in France:

  • Nano care magnet : 16,7 €
  • Long care magnet : 29,7 €
  • Strong care magnet : 66 €

As usual, the strength of the magnet have a strong impact on the price, which are also the fact of the qualitative positioning from Tunze.

6. Conclusion of this unboxing

Who can expects that cleaning magnet would be reinvented in a such way, devoid of their inconvenients?
Who can expects that this objects would benefits of a such design ?
It is now possible to clean its aquarium precisely, easily, without putting your hand in the water, without any risq of scratch, that changes the life!

Even with a Care Magnet, don’t let the children clean the glasses !!!

Manufacturer information : Tunze

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