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We have been around the Doc Skimmer 9012 in detail in a previous article. Now it is time to test it in real conditions, in a mature tank.

So I asked to a friend (Tony): with its all in one 360 liters tank containing SPS / LPS and soft coral and numerous fish and with wich turn easily, he have generous hand with the feed, which leads to PO4 and NO3 detectable concentration (with salifert test) but which remain acceptable. Another advantage of this tanki is it functions with the 9011. So it is logical to move from the 9011 to the 9012, this article in text and pictures will present this operation in details.

Here is Tony’s tank, launch on september 2012. This tank is simply managed in its maintenance, here are four photos took during the set up of the 9012.


Tony’s tank is in water since september 2012

It’s time to get serious, let’s remove the « old » 9011, end of service on octobre 2014.

9011 before it’s removal from Tony’s tank.

Set up of the 9012, a few photos showing the fixation, the water level, with and without the bucket.

On the left, the water level. On the right, view from the front face.
View from the surface of the bucket in place, skimmer ready to start.
On the left, view from the back with the bucket. On the right, view inside the tank of the water level with the surface intake grille

It is time to plug the 220 voltI! After a litlle while, with a neutral setting, foam colomn is forming in the chimney of the bucket.

View of the foam colomn forming , nice bubbles! It is a good sign for the futur skimming.

As usual, we will also chek the ambiant noise, and the noise close to the skimmer and the noise close to the skimmer to be sure he run at acceptable low levels (mesures took with the decibel meter, on an indicative basis.

34dB of ambiant noise and 44dB stock on the face, which is very acceptable for an all in one tank set up in a living room

To finish with this launching, here is a set of photos showing the bucket without the cover, which permit to see the quality of the foam forming in the colomn.

Set of photos of the foam colomn in the bucket

We decided to organize the test over two moth, and at the end of the firt one we took a few photos of the 9012, with a small diagnosis of the foam and the opinion of the depositary of the protein skimmer.

View of the bucket with the foam inside it
Two photos showing the water of the tank and the water from the bucket, the protein skimmer is running fine.

After a month of operation, here is Tony’s feedback;

In an aim of transparency, we have submited this feedback in order to get Tunze point about this set up.

Strong points:

  • Very good foam of rigth color with a very very strong smell, good sign I guess.
  • The bucket is easy to clean.
  • Easy care, no inacessible place for cleaning, which is a good point compared to the 9011.

Tunze => Tunze answer : the air flow associated to the very fine bubbles develops a udge contact surface compared to the 9011 skimming, that’s why the foam is very concentrated and so smelly. Typical from equipment with Dispergators

Less strong points:

  • The cover is very hard to remove, I always have the impression I am about to breack it when I remove it. Maybe the lack of habbit, to be continued.

Tunze =>Yes, we are aware and we will try to reduce the clips. The plastic (the same as Lego), no risk of breaking.


  • Obliged to turn off the skimmer when it is needed to empty the bucket, if no there are plenty of bubbles in the tank. Habit to get, to be continued.


Tunze => Yes, it is not disturbing to let it turned on but it depends of the habits of each aquarist. Stop the skimmer also permit to rinse the air circuit.


  • A little bit noisier than the 9011, to be verified.


Tunze =>theorically no, after a run-in period of one moth.


  • Shinny plastic ont the facade, to be observed along the time, but I think it will be scractched quickly, so esthéticaly mitigated


Tunze => This esthetic choice have been made in order to make the equipment disapairs in a glass tank ( as much shinny). During our tries, a grainy panel is more visible ( as with the 9011 for example) because it grab more the light.

Otherwise, this is a very very great protein skimmer, he is terrific for my tank, I always have a very nice foam.

For the moment, I adopt it, this is a very good skimmer.

Tunze : the air flow associated to the very fine bubbles develops a udge contact surface compared to the 9011 skimming, that’s why the foam is very concentrated and so smelly. Typical from equipment with Dispergators

In the begin of december, we made another point on the situation and here is the result in photos and text:

After two month of operating at full capacity, the foam is very nice.

As we mentioned and the begin of the test,Tony had detectable PO4 and NO3 with the Salifert test, but it is not the case anymore ( many test have been realized during the period, on an indicative basis).

After two month of operation, here is the comment joined with the photos, no more reservation:

In an aim of transparency, we have submited this feedback in order to get Tunze point about this conclusion

  • No more little bubbles
  • Everything is allright, this product is very good

Tony conclusion: The 9011 does not skim as much and it iI reallly want to underline the very foul smell of the foam, really it stinks, and it proves this protein skimmer is really efficient. The color is very dark too.

Tunze => Thank you, the aim of this product is to be the synthesis of more than 50 years of experience in internal skimming, it have to stay on top for twenty years…. Do not forget the 9011 date of 1992 (commercialisation)

Now, it is time to conclude about this 9012. With a price of 250 €, it is still compact, more efficient, easier to clean and with a consomption divided by 2. He has every thing to please all in one tank owners, due to its functionment and its efficiency, it has all the stengths it needs to become the reference point in the compact skimming category. Personally, I love the new look of the serie 9001/4 and so of the one of the 9012 revisited

Tunze hits hard for the second time of the year with the very great 9001, here it comes the excellent 9012, what are they reserving for us in 2015?

This is with a great pleasure that Tony and RecifalNews award to the Tunze Comline Doc Skimmer 9012 the title of tried and proven (and adopted by Tony)




Tony’s Tank: 360 litres Magestic and topic on the forum

Manufacturer information: Tunze

Translation: Psetta

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