Review of TUNZE ECOCHIC 8811 and 8821

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Recently introduced, here is the test of these submersible lighting devices from the well-known German brand. They have been set up on a 20 l (2,6 gal.)


Tunze led ecochic 8811


The marine model 8811 includes well-mixed blue and cool white leds. It provides a relevant spectrum for reef tanks. However, it is neither possible to switch off independently both led channel nor adjust their intensity.

Tunze led Ecochic 8821


The « white » model consists of warm and cool white leds. The rendering is therefore brighter. It is not possible to set up the intensity too.
Both 8811 and 8821:

Combining both models leads to mix their assets: blue leds from the 8811 to underline corals’ colors and brightness from the 8821.

Photosynthetically active radiations (PAR) measurements

It corresponds to the quantity of energy available for the corals’ photosynthesis.
In submerged position:

8811: at 10cm: 140μMol∙m²∙sec, at 20cm: 75μMol∙m²∙sec
8821: at 10cm: 200μMol∙m²∙sec, at 20cm: 100μMol∙m²∙sec
Both: at 10cm: 270 μMol∙m²∙sec, at 20cm: 110μMol∙m²∙sec

Out of the tank:

8811: at 10cm: 97 μMol∙m²∙sec, at 20cm 72 μMol∙m²∙sec
8821: at 10cm: 78 μMol∙m²∙sec, at 20cm 65 μMol∙m²∙sec
Both: at 10cm: 190 μMol∙m²∙sec, at 20cm: 130 μMol∙m²∙sec

We notice a quiet big loss of light when the devices are not submerged as a big quantity is reflected by the water surface. However, light’s spread is wider. As a consequence, the area where both light cones tie up is bigger.
Although there is not any universal law about the thresholds values of PAR Measurements, the results of 8811 and 8821 indicate the possibility to maintain corals apart from the most stringent. The PAR measurement under 8811 at 20cm can be a little low but the combination with 8821 offsets it.
It is also important to point out that every coral reacts differently to light conditions as it is not the only factor influencing the corals’ maintenance. Species, coral’s origin (wild or fragged), light spectrum, water paramaters can influence the response to PAR values.
Test on 20L tank with both Ecochic 8811 and 8821:

I put both devices under water level, and maintain soft corals (Nephtea, Xenia, Zoanthus, Discosoma, Pachyclavularia) and some little requiring stony corals (Caulastrea, Montipora, Euphylia). Their growth was noticeable.
Overheating test in submerged position:

By using Ecochic 8811 and 8821 under water level, we could have expected a temperature rise. Two 20L tanks have been filled up. One contained both 8811 and 8821, the second contained only water. After 24 hours, the temperature was the same in both tanks.


8811 and 8821 are effective on smaller tanks than indicated, lightign up to an area of 45cm length and 15cm width. Their design and practical use are irreproachable.

+ : design,submerged position, little size, 8811″s spectrum, 8821’s intensity, no overheating when submerged
: quiet narrow dispersal cone, can’t switch off white leds on 8811

Available in every Tunze sellers at recommended prico of 65 €.

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