The swell is cool, review of the Comline WAVEBOX 6214

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Tunze release new versions of their waveboxes such as described in Comline 6214’s unboxing.

User guide

Before talking about the material by itself, we have to underline Tunze’s work on user guide.
It explains:

  • how to mount all piecces (except blue foam and seam)
  • security recommandations to respect, including tank’s manufacturing
  • little lecture about waves
  • how to get the so desired swell movement

As you can understand, the user guide (in 6 languages) is not only about operating instructions and differs from usual user guide. With these manuals, I don’t only learn how to set up the 6214 but also how it works and its physical principles. By reading it, we understant that 6214 is not a classic circulation pump: it is an advanced waterflow system for larger tanks with the possibility to get a double oscillation movement.

Wavebox setup

It is quiet easy as shown in this step-by-step explanation:
1. The setup begins with the fixation of the buffers on the external magnets

2. Then on internal magnets, which are bigger:

3. We insert these blue buffers in the box’ body here:

4. We notice that the magnets are quiet distant from the body and that is a good thing!

5. The only action to do with the pump is to put it in the blue foam and put the black seam on it:

6. Then we need to put it in the box:

7.: Then we mount the wavebox on the tank’s glass and plug the pump on the power driver:

8. Sensor’s connection for night mode:

9. Power driver’s fixation:


Happy to get this product, I firstly wanted to adjust the wavebox’ settings by myself without following the user manual. 15 min later I regreted it and read carefully the user instructions.

We find 7 buttons on the controller:

  • 2 to set pulses’ duration and their frequency between 2 and 10 sec
  • « feedtimer » button , to stop the wavebox 7 to 9 min while feeding the tank’s population
  • a +/- button to adjust oscillation’s periodicity
  • « auto adjust » button, the most usefull of all! Press it and pulses will start from 0.3sec to 3sec. When the result suit your expactation, press it again to fix the settings. If needed, you can adjust with the +/- button
  • Hidden button! Potentiometer hidden on the power supply. It allows you to set the pump’s performance.

Here is a video showing the water surface with Wavebox 6214 on a 200 l tank (58 gal.), which is undersized for the pump.

We clearly see when the water mass reaches the tank’s resonance frequency. We can easily imagine every polyps oscillating in the tank.

Comline 6214 can deliver more powerful performances as Claude Hug (technical support Tunze France) says: « You have to see it in a 1000L tank (264gal.), it’s impressive! Even in a 3000 l (792gal.) tank, it pulses quiet well if the rocks’ arrangement is not too curbing ».

Technical data

  • Dimensions: L 140 x W 110 x H 300 mm (L 5.5 x W 4.3 x H 11.8 in.)
  • Immersion depth: approx. 255 – 285 mm (10.0 – 11.2 in.)
  • Power supply unit: 100 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz, on average 26 W
  • Magnet Holder Silence up to a glass thickness of 15 mm (1/2’’)
  • For tanks from 400 to 1,400 litres (106 to 370 USgal.).


As you could imagine, Comline 6214 is not only able to make waves but also set the whole water mass in resonance. As a result, corals’ polyps sway even if the coral is behind a rock.

It simply means that this wavebox can swirl a important water mass, directly or indirectly, but always effectively. This water circulation covers the whole tank’s arrangement, with some inequalities, which reflects the natural conditions. Coral reefs are indeed a patchwork of unalike ecological niches. The global water movement allow a swirling in big SPS colonies without being too violent.

Comline 6214 provides an effective water circulation for big tanks. Noise and size can be a problem for smaller tanks but not for recommended tank size.
Available at Tunze’s resellers at recommended price of 299 €.

We usually say if we approve or not a product, and it is without a doubt that I approve Comline Wavebox 6214 even if I would rather use more silent devices.



Manufacturer informaiton: Tunze

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