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First step, let’s open the box!


Kit Contents

  • 1 Comparator block with two test tubes
  • 1 Color scale card
  • 1 Bottle of liquid reagent
  • 1 Bottle with powder reagent
  • 1 Spoon for metering the powder
  • 1 5 ml dosage syringe
  • 1 Manual

The content gives an overall impression of quality. This is very subjective, but it is nice.
Phosphate High Resolution measures values from 0.008 to 0.14 ppm.



The usage is quite usual for a colorimetric test (see instructions). Special reading: the ‘double’ color scale with the proposed ‘comparator’ to support for the 2 tubes and helps to compare the colors with the color scale card provided which taking into account the color of the water from the reef tank in the second tube. The tubes are positioned above the color of the scale card. Reading the correct value is facilitated.

Some tests & use cases


I did various tests on my reef tank water and tap water.

With a test for a standard solution at 1 ml/l for PO4 (diluted with RO water at 0 for 10 ml provide standard solution at 0.1 ml/l). I get a value between 0.092 mg/l and 0.1 mg/l, which therefore gives a measure in line with expectation.
Finding the value using the color scale via the two tubes allows to easily find the color on the scale. Water on both sides helps really to compare the ‘same’, which helps a lot.

I like

  • It is very easy to use
  • The fact that one test on fairly large volumes of water (relative to other tests) and using volumes of reagents not too small. I think it can participate in the ‘repeatability’ of the measures.
  • Use water tray for reference in comparing the colors on the color scale

I like less

  • The minimum measurable value is 0.024 ml/l. What is seems a bit high for some tanks … but like all aquarist tests, I have tested right now. I get here a lighter color than the 0 of the scale!

Overall, I like this test!


Informations fabricant : Elos Website

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