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This review aims to describe SVC, Proskimmer and Omega and to qualify and quantify their benefits to our corals.

Products description

-SVC Plankton : this products is a zooplankton mix with some nutriments and vitamins. It contains 4 sealed bags which are smaller than platic container and allows a better conservation as the 4 bags can be opened at different time.
Average price: 20$ (40gr)


-Proskimmer: Carbohydrates (saccharides) which reduce energy needed for photosynthesis and induce faster corals growth. Bottle of translucid liquid with dropper.
Average price: 20$ (90mL)


-Omega: Complete amino acids source enhancing corals growth. This product is exempt of phosphorous preservative. Bottle of yellowish and odorous liquid with dropper.
Average price: 30$ (90mL)


Test description


Elos products are tested on a 10gal. Tank with 22lbs live rocks, 11lbs coral sand. Lighting is provided by a 72W DIY Led fixture 10 hours a day. Monthly 4gal. Water changes are done. Water density is 1025 and temperature is 78,8°F (26°C). No protein skimmer is running on this tank.

A qualitative approach is made by comparing aspect, coloration, polyps’ opening and reaction to products’ introduction.
Quantitative approach consists in measuring (the most precisely possible) the corals’ growth in every conditions, each during one month:
-Without Elos products (reference state)
-With Elos SVC plankton
-With Elos Proskimmer
-With Elos Omega

-Elos SVC plankton: I fed corals with a syringue and air line daily
-Elos Proskimmer: 2 drops a day
-Elos Omega: 3 drops daily


Growth rates in bold font are bigger than growth rate without products.

Growth rates are estimated in new polyp per polyp initially present at the beginnig of each of the 4 test conditions. We notice that the 3 Elos products enhanced the mean growth rate of the 13 corals colonies. The most marking results are for SVC plankton. Omega shows a smaller corals growth enhancement but corals’ colors were more intense for the 13 studied colonies as good as other corals in the tank (Seriatopora calendrium, Montipora samarensis, Echonphyllia orpheensis, Sarcophyton Australie…). It stimulates polyps opening which is beneficial before SVC Plankton feeding. Proskimmer also leads to good results as it provides carbohydrates which serve as basic unit for corals to synthetize new tissues.
SPS growth was not estimated as the most accurate technique is to weigh them, which should have stressed them between each conditions. Nevertheless, SPS in tank have shown a noticeable greater growth in length with Elos products and more intense coloration. Polyps unfolding was also greater with the products. It was especially visible on LPS corals as Caulastrea furcata and Euphyllia paraancora.



Elos Proskimmer, SVC plankton and Omega are fully convincing. They enhance corals’ growth, coloration and unfolding whether they are soft or stony corals, SPS or LPS. This 3 products deserve the “tested and approved” mention.
All these products are available at any Elos reseller or directly on Elos website.


Manufacturer information : Elos

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