Blue Marine Algae Reactor : let’s grow algae!

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It is one of the most trendy features to add to reef systems : algae reactors. Under this name hides a reactor which boosts macroalgae growth – generally Chaetomorpha. Blue Marine offer two algae reactors. Here are the details.

blue marine algae reactor

Algae reactors allow to reduce nutrients in reef tanks water. Algae consume nitrates and phosphates, elementary elements for their growth. Moreover, algae consume CO2 and reject O2. It induces pH rise, beneficial for your corals. That’s why it is recommended to switch the algae reactor on during the night.

Concerning their conception, Blue Marine Algae Reactor are equipped of a circulation pump, waterproof (IP68) LED lighting designed for algae growth for a use in a total safety. It is good to see that the reactor’s body is opaque to avoid any light diffusion outside the reactor which could lead to algae outbreak in your sump. The reactor and pump stands on a plastic base to improve its stability.

blue marine algae reactor
Inside of Blue Marine Algae Reactors


blue marine algae reactor
They totally fit in sumps.


Two models are already available :

  • Blue Marine Algae Reactor 400 : dimensions : 24 * 16 *46 cm (L*w*h), for 100 to 400 liters aquarium, max. pump outflow : 600 l/h, reactor body volume : 4,5 l. Price : 229,95 €
  • Blue Marine Algae Reactor 1200 : dimensions : 27 * 19 *60 cm (L*w*h), for 400 to 1200 liters aquarium, max. pump outflow : 1600 l/h, reactor body volume : 12 l. Price : 299,95 €


You can find Blue Marine range on their online catalogue.

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