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Here is the presentation of Blue Marine Coral Tank I launched in late December.

The Coral Tank is a complete system including extra clear glass tank, sump, stand, filtersock, UFO 8300 LED fixture, return pump Blue Marine Reefpower 1600 and Blue Marine Skim 500 protein skimmer. I added to it a Oase Heatup 150 heater, Aqamai KPS and Tunze Nanostream 6020 powerheads at each sides of the central overflow.

High stand (100 cm) and 30 cm high tank allow to enjoy the corals at their best.

For hardscape, I used mix solution : French ceramic rocks from Aquaroche and some Australian liverocks. The sand is from Colombo brand. For biological stabilization, I dosed Korallen-Zucht Zeobak and Zeostart 3. Several critters species to eat algae and detritus : Cerithium, Archaster typicus, Holothuria hilla, Strombus, Tectus and Astreas.

Hardscape is made of Aquaroche and Australian Liverocks
Left side with 2 Aquaroche modules
Right side with an Aquaroche as base for Australian Liverocks.

To honour tank’s name, I carefully choose corals, mainly LPS : Homophyllia (ex. Scolymia) australis, croc island and vitiensis, Blastomussa wellsi, Favia, Goniastrea, several Chalices, Montipora, Trachyphyllia geoffroyi, Euphyllia and Fimbriaphyllia… This tank is viewable from 3 sides in my living room, it had to be a coral firework. A few SPS give volume : Montipora samarensis, Seriatopora calendrium, Pocillopora and Acropora subglabra.

vlog-axel-blue-marine-coral-tank-Favites-Bejeweled vlog-axel-blue-marine-coral-tank--goniastrea-toxic-splatter

Left corner with Homophyllia (ex. Scolymia)

vlog-axel-blue-marine-coral-tank-favia-maya-sun-(2) vlog-axel-blue-marine-coral-tank-favia-fascination-(2) vlog-axel-blue-marine-coral-tank-euphy-glab-violet-vert vlog-axel-blue-marine-coral-tank-euphy-ancora vlog-axel-blue-marine-coral-tank-blasto-rouge-violet vlog-axel-blue-marine-coral-tank-blasto-rainbow-(3)

Three plates for chalices.
Right front corner with Blastomussa, Favia, Platygyra


Three fish swim around polypes : an Emblemaria pandionis (dragon fish), a Halichoeres chrysus always swimming and eating few flatworms I had and a Liopropoma swalesi. I fell in love with this fish a few years ago when I see it online, and I finally got one. With its predatory allure, it measures only 6/7 cm. It rather swims in caves searching for crustaceans. It is less shy in the evening.

Liopropoma swalesi
Emblemaria pandionis

In the stand, a drawer allows to store power supplies and controllers, dry goods for example. Below it, the sump with automatic top-off with a big water reservoir, filtersock, the main chamber for protein skimmer and heater, a double overflow system with filter sponge, a small chamber for filtration media (I add some extra Aquaroche) and the return pump chamber. A good feature to notice : three sides of the sump are higher than the front glass to protect stand from water splashes.

The « + » of the Coral Tank system :

  • the shallow dimensions (65 * 60 * 30 cm) with high stand (100 cm)
  • glass transparency
  • the system is sold with the core to make a successful reef tank (it lacks only powerheads and heater)
  • le système compact de descente et remontée réduit à un simple tuyau the compact overflow system in an unique pipe
  • big RO reservoir

The « – » :

  • UFO light covering when attached to the supplied arm which limits the choice of corals in the front corners of the tank. But you can hang it from the ceiling a bit closer to the front glasse to cover the front angle, or create a more central hardscape than mine. You can also buy the flex fixation arm which allows to get more in the front of the tank.
  • a little lack of blue LED to enjoy the full coloration potential of the corals during daylight mixing blue and white light.

The full system tank + stand + sump + lighting + return pump + skimmer + filtersock is sold 1499 €.

Find the Coral Tank and Blue Marine offer on their online catalogue.

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