Unboxing of the Turbelle nano stream 6040 from Tunze

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In the war between circulation pumps’ manufacturers, Tunze sets out his new concept: Turbelle nanostream 6040. This reference hides an electronic pump with controller (« Turbelle controller »). By examinating the technical data, we notice that this product fits into every situations with his variable flow from 200 to 4500l/h (52 to 1188 gal/h approx.) for a power consumption of 1.5 to 13W. Nanostream 6040 is recommended for 20L (5gal) to 500L (132gal) tanks.

After the technical data, here is the product by itself.

No surprise with pakckaging: the same design as on 9001 and 9012 is used.

New packaging: sober design but effective: we know that we are here for some waterflow.

At the opening, we find instructions for use which is common with the 6020 model, smaller but with the same look and without Turbelle controller.

View of the contents.

We find in the box 2 instructions for use (multilingual), the pump with 3m wire, the Turbelle controller and its base, double-face adhesive tape to set the controller, a new model of magnet, 4 anti-vibration buffers, security instructions for magnet use and conformity certificate.

The most interesting aspects of the concept of NAnostream 6040 are the possibilities: to control other waterflow devices (6040, 6095 etc) with the Turbelle controller and to use the moonlight (7097.05) with the 7090.30 wire and also to use a multi-controller (7095 and 7096). As you can see, Nanostream 6040’s limit is your creativity.
All these settings allow you to adapt the product to your tank’s size and the liverocks layout.

The Turbelle Controller enables to set the waterflow with precision. Let’s see its functions.

Close up view of Turbelle controller.

« Food timer » switch stops waterflow for 10 minutes, « select » switch enables to select the program between « pulse 2-10sec », « auto adjust », « wave ok » and « external control ». Rotating buttons « Main power », « Pulse » and « pulse power » allow you to set the pump’s power, pulses lapse from 2 to 10sec, and the pulses strength. Instructions for use are enough explicit to adjust an optimal waterflow. We will go back over these settings in another testing review.

It’s time to discover the pump by itself. We are front of a innovative design: the pump body is cylindrical with the impeller at its top and an adjustable flow deflector. The body’s dimensions (without flow deflector) are 65*65*65mm (2.55*2.55*2.55inch).

Side view of the 6040.
Top view without flow deflector and side view of body’s cylinder.
View of the part where the 4 buffers are fixed and bottom view with technical datas.

We will end this unboxing with description of the new magnet furnished with Turbelle Nanostream 6040. Its new design even if there are still the 4 blue anti-vibrations buffers. Goodbye to the little silicon pads to maintain the magnet against the tank’s glass. A new system absorbs vibrations and maintains tightly the magnet against the glass.

5 pictures to discover from all angles the new magnet.

Here is a little video to resume everything to know about the 6040:

How could we conclude this unboxing? Tunze follows their Research and development activities to offer even more innovative and effective products. Considering constant pressure by the concurrence, especially Chinese manufacturers, it is easy to understand that only innovation can win the battle. Nanostream 6040 will be tested in another article.

Turbelle nanostream 6040 is available in all Tunze sellers at the recommended price of 120 €.

Manufacturer information : Tunze

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