Art of water flow with Claude Hug from Tunze

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During the 45 years of the Poisson d’Or we were lucky to be able to videotape a lecture given by Claude Hug de Tunze.

We are pleased to present it here. Small note: the sound is taken at a distance and there are some video « artefact », but the content is there.

This 50-minute conference is about circulating … a broad topic you will say. Curculating is always one of the key steps in the success of its reef aquarium. It allows to set in motion the water mass, to the corals to get rid of the excess mucus, to move the layer of sediments, to leave the nutrients in suspension, in short it brings movement and maintenance life in the aquarium (for simplicity).

But once the first layer of answers is perceived, there remains a question: how to optimize its mixing, how to position the pumps, how to regulate them … and again these are only the first questions that can arise during the installation of the equipment. To be quite honest this can quickly turn into a nightmare with a bold scaping. What about the aesthetic aspect to avoid seeing material from everywhere and over-crowded to avoid dead zones?

Claude Hug proposes to answer and share his experience in this video which takes from A to Z the bases of the material with the history of the Tunze brand but also the prehistory of circulating. He explains the art of contemporary circulating and even allows himself a small vision of the future at the end of the journey. I let you discover all this:

The video is in French and is subtitle in French and English

For more information about Tunze products you can consult the brand website or the Facebook page.

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French version.

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