Care Bacter 0220.005: new bacteria from Tunze

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With Care Bacter 0220.005, Tunze, whose reputation is well established, now offers bacteria carefully selected and in number: 40 billion per pot.



At first sight, this can be surprising, and this is crystal clear: the best protein skimmer will never bring an effective bacterial flora, the best filter can not capture the organic matter that is fixed on all the substrates.


Although the addition of bacteria is the actual fashion of the reef keeping, Tunze has carefully chosen the microorganisms of Care Bacter 0220.005: a first cocktail (consortium) of strains degrades the organic matter and captures the nitrogen compounds (ammonia, nitrates, nitrites). While a second comes to fight the vibrios. As a reminder, vibrios are a type of bacteria often pathogenic in aquatic conditions, and which are the true cause of the death of the corals during a bleaching. Indeed, the RTN (for Rapid Tissue Necrosis) is actually a vibrio attack taking advantage of the coral weakening due to adverse conditions.

Moreover, Tunze claims that the Care Bacter 0220.005 is also usable in fresh water, with the same efficiency.

In their release on Facebook, Tunze mentions the bacterial concentration of Care Bacter 0220.005: 109 CFU / g (meaning 1,000,000,000 Colony Forming Units/g, ie live bacteria, per gram). This is not trivial: at a time when many brands maintain the blur (despite the clarity of their products), Tunze clearly indicates the concentration of its products with a process guaranteeing the bacterial concentration. Indeed, CFU means Colony Forming Unit and therefore the bacterial concentration has been measured on the finished product (contrary to an estimation of the number of bacteria put in the product)



You will have noticed that the Care Bacter 0220.005 is part of the Care range, as the famous Care Magnet. It can be explained by the « care » aspect of the tank and also by the cleaning action of the bacteria, both on pollutants, organic matter or pathogens.

Reduced availability of nitrogen and phosphate in the water results in a significant slowdown in the development of unwanted algae, which permit to the panes to stay clean for longer times.

Of course, if Care Bacter 0220.005 improves water quality and pest control, it will benefit to the vitality and health of all the inhabitants, whether in reef , fish-only or freshwater tank.



The dosage is done in two steps, there is first a starting dose and then a maintenance dose, to guarantee a fast result.

Starting dose (during the first two weeks)

This starting phase will install the bacteria in depth and reach the most anchored sources of pollution: 2.5 ml of Care Bacter 0220.005 per week for aquariums up to 100 liters, 5 ml per week for those up to 500 liters and 10 ml for larger aquariums.

 Maintenance Dose

The regular addition of specifically selected bacteria will stabilize the aquarium and realize a background treatment to track down any source of organic matter: for aquariums of 30 to 500 liters 1.25 ml of Care Bacter 0220.005 per week, for the largest aquariums, 2.5 ml per week.



With Care Bacter 0220.005, Tunze confirms its innovation strategy to offer an ecosystem of complementary and leading edge products. As is always the case with Tunze, nothing has been left to chance: the Care Bacter 0220.005 seems designed both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Usually, we temper this kind of hope by announcing that we will test the product in question. This time, we tested the Care Bacter 0220.005 before its commercialization, in fresh water and in reef. We had the pleasure to announce that nothing was exaggerated and that Care Bacter 0220.005 fulfills its promises!



Non-pathogenic non GMO bacteria, in accordance with EC Directive 2000/54.

Capacity: 40 ml

Price: 24.90 €

Source: Tunze

French version.

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