12 months with the Ecotech Radion XR30W pro G4 LED

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After 12 months with the Ecotech Radion XR30W pro G4 LED light, here is a feedback on a long term to complete the initial test which was a few weeks.

Previously, after a video presentation of the ramp, a test in real situation had been made. I recommend that you read these two articles again in context and to have more details.

Of course, if I still use it, it’s because I’m happy with the product! But there can always be good, at least good as well as interesting complementary details.

All the observations made initially on the first weeks of use are confirmed, but here are some additional points that I want to share with the experience.

Usage reminder

The light is mounted on a ‘RSM Tank Mount System’ bracket attached to the back of the tank. The light is in perfect condition, once wiped with a damp cloth it is like new. No problem with the light for a year.

I use the light 12 hours a day, at constant speed for 8 hours. I do not have ‘moon’ lighting at night. Previously with my HQI 150 W of 14 000 K, I would illuminate 12 hours a day.

Lighting Profile


The ramp is very powerful. Compared to the test, I slightly lowered the maximum power. It is now is at 45 %.

Colors during the day (between 12:00 and 20:00)


With a setting at 45 % of the maximum power, the maximum consumption is estimated at approximately 80 W. I have not changed the ‘colors’ of lighting, initially chosen. This makes possible to estimate a power consumption divided by about 2.2 compared to the HQI.

Assessment of use on the living

Tank after 9 months on Radion XR30w G4 PRO


  • All SPS, LPS and soft corals grow well. No loss of corals.

  • Clowns fish are still very active in their coral and lay eggs regularly.

  • The undesirable red algae (which had grown well under HQI during the last months of its use), which had greatly decreased during the first days of the light, does not grow at all in the illuminated areas but is still present in small amount in a few shadows.

  • The Caulerpa racemosa, which I ‘partition’ at the back of the tank, always grows well.

  • The only coral that seems less ‘like’ the light is my green plating Montipora with purple edge. It grows but remains pale, the green-purple is little visible and rather brown. The strongest brightness may be the cause. It should be noted that for some HQI bulbs I had had an equivalent color.

The rendering during the day is excellent, but even more fun at sunrise and sunset by highlighting some colors of corals.

This is my feedback to help you to make an opinion on this very nice product.

Manufacturer information : http://radion.ecotechmarine.com/

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