Vlog #15 Vince Z : our visit at Reef Corner

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After my tour at Urban Reef, it was obvious to take a trip to Reef Corner.

Reef Corner gets its reputation for its high end coral selection for SPS, LPS and even mushrooms. During my tour I had the opportunity to see the Jawbreaker Discosomas. All these discoveries are illustrated in the next video (with English subtitles).

 Theo van den Berg
Theo van den Berg the owner

Theo welcomes me to discover his shop, animals and every technical aspect for running everything. A real pleasure as you can see in the video. The shop is divided in 4 systems, each one with its own filtration and maintenance. For example, the system where all the Acanthophylias / Scolymias are is running with a higher nutrient level than the tank in the center where nutrients are low because most of the SPS are in this one.

Reef Corner
Reef Corner the entrance

As you can see, most of the shop’s lighting is under Royal Blue LED, mostly running through ATI Sirius fixtures, to have the best coloration on the corals.

Reef Corner
Reef Corner another point of view

On the last picture you can see the ATI Sirius fixtures in action. On the foreground the tank is dedicated to Trachyphylia and Wellsophylia going to simple green to some high grades like intense red and so on.

Reef Corner
Reef Corner central tank

Tanks, in the center, are mostly SPS dominant with big Acropora colonies.

Reef Corner
Reef Corner tanks for the inverts in the background

There are not only corals, there’s inverts and beautiful fishes like all the Hemitaurichthys polylepis we can see in the video.

I want to thank Theo for welcoming me in his shop. If you have the opportunity to go, even just to take a look it’s worth it.

Reef Corner
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