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We introduced you the Horizon Aqua Connected Tank Concept at its launch late 2017, the brand launches two new LED fixtures compatible with this concept. Here is the first one: Horizon Aqua PRO LED. Video subtitled in English:

Horizon Aqua PRO LED
Aqua PRO LED fixture is suitable for Horizon Aqua connected tank

New Horizon Aqua PRO LED Fixtures

PRO LED fixture is recommended for tanks with light-demanding corals like Australian or Fiji SPS, some LPS but is also suitable for any other reeftanks. Two models will be available: PRO LED 135 and PRO LED 185. The references stand for the maximal power. The Horizon Aqua PRO LED 135 is recommended for 45 to 60 cm long tanks with a 60 cm width. The 195 model is suitable for 60 to 90 cm long tanks and 60 cm width.

Horizon Aqua PRO LED
New Horizon Aqua PRO LED fixture

 A rendering close to metal halid or T5

Horizon Aqua aimed to propose a lighting solution for most informed hobbyists and nostalgic for metal or T5 while enjoying LED benefits: low power consumption according to the enlightened area, programming full day/light cycles. To this end, the PRO LED has two multichips clustering all the LEDs surrounded by a single reflector. Then color mixing starts from the light source and not from the crossing between diffusive cones in case of individual LEDs. Both 135 and 185 models are built the same way except from the space between the two multichips and their power. Other strong characteristics: the number of LED colors which is 11!

Horizon Aqua PRO LED
Multichip with an unique reflector ensures an homogeneous color mixing
11 colors allow a complete spectrum close to metal halid and T5

11 LED colors are fully programmable into 4 independent channels: channel A with white LEDs, channel B with blue LEDs, channel C with orange-red LEDs, channel D with UV, violet, blue, green and deep red LEDs. It is compatible with Horizon Aqua app shared with other Horizon Aqua devices (wavemakers, return pumps, dosing pumps, camera, skimmer, refugium light…). You can create any lighting program you want to create different light ambiances on your tank.

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Price: PRO LED 135 will be sold around 530 € and PRO LED 185 around 700 €. 

Horizon Aqua PRO LED will soon be available in any Horizon Aqua retailer.

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