Blue Marine Reef : new version of full reef systems

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Blue Marine brand offers since several years full reef systems. A new version of these Reefs systems is now available with a lot of improvements. Let’s discover them.

Blue Marine Reef tanks are available in white or black

Blue Marine Reef systems are available in three sizes : 125, 200 and 350. These references stand for the volume of the show tank. You have to add the volume of the sump to have the full system volume. Main new features are about the stands. The new stands are made of aluminium. This aluminium has inside honeycomb structure to ensure robustness and lightness. The doors are magnetic and totally removable for an easy maintenance. A rubber joint ensures a full light obstruction in any case of refugium light in the sump for example. The stands are sold assembled.

New magnetic doors
Doors are now fully removable for easy maintenance routine.

Two new features are interesting to highlight. A space is dedicated for chiller system in the 350 stand. This space can also use for technical / electrical devices such as power supplies, pump or light controllers. For an easy cable or chilling pipes management there are two holes between sump and this space. Plus, « dry areas » of the stand are open in the back. So you can easily reach the cables you have to plug in the stand.

There is a space for chiller system in the 350 stand.



As mentioned above, three Blue Marine Reef systems are available and sold fully equipped :

  • Reef 125: Dimensions 50*50*50 cm (L*w*h), stand 86 cm high, sump : 36 L, return pump: Reefpower 2200, protein skimmer : Skim 500, automatic refill system (6,87 l reservoir), light: UFO, filter sock included. Price: 1 499 €
  • Reef 200: Dimensions 75*55*50 cm (L*w*h), stand 86 cm high, sump: 57 L, return pump : Reefpower 2600, protein skimmer: Skim 500, automatic refill system (13,7 l reservoir), light: MaxLED 160, filter sock included. Price: 1 999 €
  • Reef 350: Dimensions 110*60*55 cm (L*w*h), stand 100 cm high, sump: 132 L, return pump: Reefpower 3500, protein skimmer: Skim 1250, automatic refill system (14 l reservoir), light : 2 x UFO, filter sock included. Price: 2 599 €


Blue Marine Reef 350


The tanks are made of Crystal Clear glass and a full pipe system is provided with silent overflow.


The range also includes nano Reef 60 and Reef 120 – Coral Tank.

More informations on online catalogue Blue Marine.

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