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After the unboxing for the ‘Care Magnet’, made on last November, I present a test in my tank of the Tunze Care Magnet nano (0220.010).

Reminder of product characteristics


The product is suitable, according to the manufacturer’s description, for Glass thickness from 6 to 10 mm max. It has a width of 45 mm, a length of 78 mm, consists of two plastic strips and a plastic blade replacement. Its thickness in the tank is 21 mm.
The product is in a beautiful box and the product itself well finished. The product is visually quite nice (and thin) to leave it on the side of the tank, if desired, without spoiling the view.

Test context

I tried the ‘Care Magnet nano’, a few weeks in my 120 liters tank that has the Glass thickness of 10 mm. For 10 mm thickness, I often have access only to products for larger tanks, thus to bulkier products too. Therefore, I need a powerful magnet product, not too big or too thick to pass on the sides and back of my tank where I have little space between the glass and coral.
Using the ‘Care Managet Nano’ with a Glass thickness of 10 mms, it works perfectly. I can move at the desired speed the cleaning magnet, so there is still room for.

On the 10 mm pane

I made the bottom drop out of the tank tests voluntarily; there is enough power to restart with the fallen part. I can also go with the ‘Care Manget Nano’ from a site to the next without it separates. Note that I would have liked that interior portion fleet too, just in case!

The product includes a felt pad on the outside that can slide perfectly on the glass tank without forcing or trace.

Felt pad side

The plastic blades scrape the glass perfectly for my multiple weekly cleanings.

I tried on the coralline algae. A portion is removed, but this it is not enough to remove all completely. The small model ‘Care Magnet’, the ‘nano’ model, does not have the ability to use one or several metal blades for the coralline on the windows for example. To do it, we must use the models ‘Care Magnet’ ‘Long’ or ‘strong’.

Cleaning up after a few days of absences. No inlay, everything is removed on the first pass.

If there is inlay, a second pass is necessary but sufficient.

As mentioned in the documentation, the cleaning layers of fine algae on the windows does not produce a ‘fog’ green but they are ‘rolled’ onto itself (your fishes can eat it).

I like
  • It cleans very well (this is the most important and imperative)
  • The size and especially for the small thickness, it goes everywhere
  • The strength of the magnets to 10 mm
  • The felt for the outside part of the tank
  • The look: small & ‘nice’
I do not like
  • Nothing
In a ‘ideal’ world I would have also liked (but keep it small …)
  • An optional metal blade (for my coralline) for this model, as for the big ones, for not having to use my scraper blade classic, unwieldy, occasionally. Update (06/03/2016): there is an existing optional metallic blade and the support (Tunze 0220.154), larger than the original plastic blade (86 mm).
  • The inner part; floating


After a few weeks of use: I like it, I no longer use my previous material.


Manufacturer information : Tunze Care Magnet nano

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