Ecotech Marine Radion Diffuser: set up and test

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At the end of 2017, Ecotech Marine announced the production of diffusers for their Radion lighting ramps. These diffusers make it possible to widen the propagation of light but also to reduce the flickering effect on the surface of the water which does not please to everyone. These diffusers will delight the followers of T5 lighting. You will be able to follow the set up and the measurements of the impact of these diffusers on the performance of the ramps.

The vidéo is subtile in French and English

Set up

You will first have to dismantle the ramp. For this 8 cruciform screws will be removed. The opportunity to have the disassembled ramp presented, we advise you to clean the ramp with a dry air bomb and a brush like these:

Ecotech Radion G4 Pro
Ecotech Radion G4 Pro laid bare

Subsequently, you will have to change the protection support of the ramp by the one of the kit which is itself the support of the diffuser screen. It is fixed with the same 8 screws that you previously removed.

Ecotech Radion G4 Pro
Installation of the diffuser support

Once all reassembled you just have to fix your ramp on his gallows and voila!

Ecotech Radion G4 Pro
Final rendering in operation


Measurements were made with the lighting ramps at 30 centimeters above the water level, with equal power on the different channels of the ramp at 25% power and 50% power. The measurements were made using an Apogee PARmeter. These measurements were performed on 3 points in the aquarium (high, medium, low).

Without diffuser

Measuring point25%50%

With diffuser

Measuring point25%50%


Ecotech Radion G4 Pro
Final aesthetics

As highlighted in the video, this solution will not be suitable for all aquariums but remains a very good solution to extend the coverage of your lighting. The « disco » effect is also reduced a little, which will appeal to fans of T5. Finally, the aesthetics is very pleasing to the eye. Nevertheless this accessory will not fit all budgets, it remains a little expensive for the found results.

Public price found:

  • XR 15: 54.99 €
  • XR 30: 79.99 €

Source: Ecotech Marine


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