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First news about our trip to Penzberg where we met the Tunze family and Claude Hug to discover the Tunze world. There is a museum where are shown prototypes and products developed since 1960, date of creation of the brand by Norbert Tunze.

Tunze usine


The video is subtitled in English (please turn on the subtitle).

Water movement by Tunze

It all started with a simple observation: there was no motorized aquarium pump at the time. The water movement was ensured only by air pumps and ceramic air stones or wooden air stones. Norbert Tunze designed the first water pump motor: the first Turbelle, in 1960. The result is a range of models developed in the 60s with continuous improvements to optimize the flow and power consumption.

The Turbelles are replaced slowly by the Stream and Nanostream in the 2000s. These pumps are characterized by a engine block resinated inside a hull and a design with few pieces. This type of pump is now almost universal.

Skimming by Tunze

In 1963 Norbert Tunze created the first protein skimmer from Plexiglas. It was at the time a hang-on-back skimmer. Several models have been developed according to the volume with some visual success. Building on the success of the « System » concept in the 1970s, a skimmer was developed to match it. Then, for the sake of saving space, the Comline range (for Compact Line) was launched in 1992, with a smaller footprint but transposed to the vertical.

Other Tunze Inventions

Although well known for their water movement and skimming solutions, the brand has also developed the first instruments for measuring pH, redox, temperature for example. Tunze also ventured on the first calcium reactors as well as calcium dispenser.

As you understood, Tunze is at the origin of many advances in our passion and their product development continues with the latest Stream 3, a quiet pump thanks to its magnetic bearing.

Discover soon the visit of the factory of manufacture of the German brand and the interview of Axel and Félix Tunze on Récifal News. Feel free to visit the brand’s website for more information on their products.

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